Tor Browser – Anonymizing The Web

Tor has become the center of discussion for a long time as it is blamed for facilitating a perilous dark web of pedophiles, traders of arms, and dealers of drugs. 


What is Tor?

The Tor project is a non-profit organization. It carries development and research into online privacy and secrecy. Its function is to halt people, corporations, agencies, and governments from letting your location be tracked through the browsing conduct. Relying on it, technology is offered that coils internet users and website traffic and is run by thousands of users throughout the globe. It makes quite a complex task for making the source or location being identified. 

Tor Download Link

Tor Browser can be downloaded from the official TOR website.

About Tor Browser:

Tor Browser is the one that prevents anybody from watching your connection by acknowledging the websites you visit. The Tor browser bundle-software package of Tor is downloadable and can be accessed for gaining the benefits of that technology. A different version of it is also available for Android smartphones. A few of its trade-offs include: slowing down of relays, blocking a few of the browser plugins like Flash and QuickTime. One of Tor Browser’s most significant (and most popular) features is the ability to isolate every site you visit so that trackers and advertisements cannot follow you from site to site. The browser automatically deletes cookies after you leave a webpage. So, using Tor is completely different from other browsers, where, after viewing a page on shoes, you will see advertisements on the next page about shoes you will be interested in.

Tor Browser has another advantage: all its users appear the same as any monitoring system. A person or website trying to spy on you will only notice that you’re using the Tor network if they try to discover who you are or which website you’re using. It’s as simple as that. As a result, you’re anonymous and have complete browsing freedom.

How does Tor consider the best Web Browser?

Tor is a privacy technology that allows users to evade censorship while at the same time guaranteeing their anonymity. The open-source privacy browser has become very popular among human rights activists because it encrypts user data with several layers of encryption, like the layers of an onion, thus the name.

Tor sends you traffic in a random route across a network of servers before reaching its final destination online, so while using Tor, your internet traffic is going to be sent all over. This means if something goes wrong, your location, identity, IP address, and online activities will all be protected from prying eyes due to this misdirection. The browser prevents you from being monitored by prying eyes while protecting your privacy and identity.

User-friendly and simple to use

Tor Browser works and looks like Mozilla Firefox because it is based on Firefox. There’s also the fact that Tor moves traffic a lot more than standard web browsers, so it’s slower than most of the popular ones. While you can generally browse with the familiar interface, it still protects your online freedom while remaining easy to use.

It is 100% legal to download and use

Since users have access to Tor to search the dark web, there is a perception that downloading it might be illegal since Tor can be used to explore the dark web. Such a concept is not accurate. A web browser is just one element that Tor Browser possesses and is in many ways similar to other web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. One of the only differences is that Tor makes it extremely difficult for anyone to track the activities that you perform while on the Internet.

In the context of accessing sites that sell or buy illegally available material, using Tor becomes illegal. While using the Tor Browser, you can avoid censorship rules and maintain your privacy while protecting your identity and location if you stay away from illicit websites. In addition, the Tor Browser is widely used by activists who want to avoid being tracked, including human rights groups, environmentalists, and political groups.

Hides your IP address

Users can benefit from security by encrypting their data before entering the Tor network using the Tor Project. Data is then transmitted across relays or nodes consisting of various servers. A layer of encryption is removed from data every time it passes through a relay until it reaches the destination.

The relay paths are all randomly generated, and decrypted layers only reveal the last and next relay location, so tracking user activity is impossible. Due to Tor’s complex network, third parties cannot determine your location or IP address. The volunteer-run network makes it impossible to trace online activity back to you.

Slow browsing

Tor Browser for Windows encrypts data from one point to another randomly so that the user’s information cannot be spied on. This takes time for the data to reach the end node. Since this relay is used to send traffic through Tor, Tor Browser cannot be as fast as other web browsers. It is also not advisable to download anything or stream anything online through the Tor Browser.

Who is Behind Tor?

The US Navy developed the technology. It has received its funding of about 60% from the State Department and Department of Defense. However, the other backers have owned the digital rights lobbyist, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, journalism and community body Knight Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. In 2002, the project mainly emphasized safeguarding the privacy of internet users from corporations rather than the states. In April 2012, the Guardian was reported by executive director Andrew Lewman that these websites were the main focus in 2000/01 where the sole purpose was to have access to all the provided services. In exchange for it, we would have all your information to sell it at a possible time. For it, we had to put some of our research into practice, give control of your information to the user, and deny it to the companies that used to have it on a default basis. Lastly, we left it to the user whether he trusts Google, Amazon, BBC, or any other platform. 

By whom is it Used?

According to the project team, the users are classified into various groups, including an individual who wants to keep his privacy sphere intact—those who have concerns about cyber-spying and the ones who evade censorship. 

Tor’s technology is also used by military professionals, journalists, and activists in states with strict spheres of censorship. It also cites business executives, law enforcement officers, IT professionals, and bloggers as the key users. Among them, police are also key users as they façade their IP addresses for investigating the unidentified services and websites. For the runners of the mainstream, Tor could prevent the tracking of the location of your children when they are online. It is a suitable option in countries where there is political instability and is fruitful in hiding their identity. 

There has been an increase in usage since the NSA surveillance revelations in 2013 prompted a new wave of users to sign up. The number of people using Tor more than doubled between 19 August and 27 August alone, according to its statistics, rising to more than 2.25 million by mid-September, before peaking at nearly 6 million users. Since then, the number of subscribers has dropped back down to just under 4 million.

Onion Browser:

It is the original, free and open-source Tor-powered web browser for iOS. It assists you in accessing the Internet with additional privacy and safeguard and minimizing the extra cost.

What has Onion Browser to Offer?

  1. Private Browsing

The onion browser provides the highest level of privacy for encrypted traffic through the Tor network.

  1. Tossing the history

Each tab is closed after you are done with the search you opt for. Thus, it avoids the hanging of tabs.

  1. Extras Banned

No one would have access to visualizing your activity, saving history, or influencing your browser. History constitutes the targeted ads.

Fast and Secure Access to Popular Sites

Onion sites can only be accessed by Tor. They are abridged versions of websites that are safe to connect to. 

Adjusting the Security

For better experiences, individuals can adjust their security for each site they visit. 

The dark side of Tor

Since Tor makes users anonymous, it appeals to criminals and makes them more powerful. A second NSA report described the use of Tor as a practice used by very naughty people.

Its “hidden services” capabilities enable Tor to mask users’ identities as well as host their websites so that visitors can only access certain pages if they are on the Tor network. It’s not uncommon to see Tor mentioned in stories about criminal sites on the “dark web.”

An Irish man, 28, who allegedly distributed and promoted child abuse material online was extradited by the FBI in August. The provider, Freedom Hosting, was forced to temporarily go offline.

Besides Silk Road, which was shut down in October, another hidden site that can only be accessed through Tor was a store called Black Market Reloaded, which was accused of facilitating illegal arms and drug deals, as well as illegal weapons sales.

According to BBC news, Tor is a place where child pornography, child trafficking, and arms trading are carried out, and because of this, British MP Julian Smith recently described Tor in the parliament as “the black internet” during a debate on intelligence and security forces.

The Guardian had been criticized for the detail it reported on reports that the NSA had been trying to crack Tor’s security, and Smith argued that “many people in the police world feel that this will cause major problems in regards to picking up people engaging in organized crime”.